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Activities For Kids

The Museum is full of fun for kids of all ages!

Learn by doing experiments:

  • Opportunities for all to do fun, informative activities.
  • Easy directions and surprising results.
  • Family fun!

Activity Room

Our activity room for young explorers includes all kinds of books, toys, and learning activities for the kids!

Riding the Rails

Get a feel for the trains through our interactive railroad diorama, including functional trains, cows that moo and sheep that baa.

Riding the Rails

Drive a train! Experience it for yourself. Inside the train station office, you can sit in a big chair with all the gauges and dials from a real locomotive. Using the video and the controls, guide the train down the tracks.

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Mt. Shasta Volcano Inside and Out

Mount Shasta, the mountain, is actually a volcano

You can watch a video to learn more about this during your visit. You can even choose to watch on your own device.

Inspecting the Lava Tubes

Along with Mt. Shasta's volcano come the lava tubes. There are lava tubes all over this area, from tiny tunnels to enormous caves. They were created by lava that cooled on the outside, insulating the lava inside, which then could travel for miles underground, leaving tunnels and caves behind.

Experience a lava tube right here in the museum! Crawl through our man-made lava tube to get an idea of what it's like. If you are ready for an adventure, continue your exploration by visiting the lava tubes in the area. Lava Beds National Monument

Did you know? Not all volcanoes erupt explosively! Some just exude lava, without the explosion. Find out why in our volcano exhibit, and see the different kinds of lava and rock for yourself.

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Explore a late 1800’s era cabin

Dress up