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Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum Store

Museum Store

Shop while you support the Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum!

Visit our museum store for a variety of souvenirs, books, t-shirts, old fashioned wood toys, puppets, and jewelry.

The book section contains titles specific to Mt. Shasta and Northern California, ranging from camping, fishing, and recreation, to local history and nature. Calendars, note cards, and posters of Mt. Shasta are also available, as well as other gift items.


Soaring Around Mount Shasta
View Mount Shasta from all of its sides! Go on a helicopter flight around Mount Shasta, the volcano that dominates Shasta Valley. Learn some of the geologic and mountaineering history of this fascinating peak.

The trailer below gives a glimpse into the beauty and wonder captured in this 24 minute video. To see the full video, click the “From $5.00” button on the video.

Lenticular Clouds
A compilation on DVD of lenticular cloud photos from community members. The variety and beauty of these clouds are amazing. You can order this DVD for $10 by contacting us.