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Sierra Club Hut: Stories From the Mountain

Join us for a very special evening of stories! Thursday, May 4th, 2023

As part of the ongoing 100-year anniversary of the building of the Sierra Club Hut, the local Sierra Club Foundation Alpine Hut Committee will have an evening sharing stories of the hut’s past, present, and future.

This one-night event will feature behind the scenes stories about how the Hut helped make Mount Shasta popular as one of the great hiking, climbing, and skiing mountains in North America.

Your $5 donation for this event is greatly appreciated.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club, with help from local rock masons and carpenters, completed building the timberline Shasta Alpine Hut on Mount Shasta in late 1922 and dedicated it in 1923.

The simple but well-built rock structure has been maintained for these past one hundred years by the local Sierra Club Foundation Hut Committee.

The Hut serves as an emergency shelter and as a welcome to timberline climber’s basecamp. Seasonal caretakers have been on site for most of the past hundred years.
And every year thousands of climbers, hikers, and skiers from around the world enjoy the Hut and its resources.

Speakers for the evening include:

  • Bill Miesse: Introduction to evening’s presentations; overview of the exhibit; Native Americans. (10 minutes)
  • Jane Cohn and Michael Zanger: Why the hut was built (McAllister); caretakers history (including Mac Olbermann, Ed Stuhl). (14 minutes)
  • Chris Marrone: History of Sierra Club Foundation Hut Committee; Hut’s repairs, reconstructions, new construction. (12 minutes)
  • Rick and Linda Chitwood: Experiences managing caretakers and designing and maintaining the solar composting toilet. (12 minutes)
  • Chris Carr: Current climbing season update; use of the Hut past and present by climbing organizations and the general public. (12 minutes)
  • Rebecca Franco: Educational programs past and present. (12 minutes)
  • Shayna Cassidy: Future of the Hut. (10 minutes)

Date: May 4, 2023
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: Donations of $5 or more are appreciated!