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Announcing ” Thursday Mornings at the Museum”

In this new program parents and children will work together focusing on specific activities.

Play and interaction have been shown to be very important for children’s development. With these classes, we will encourage that development through enjoyable learning opportunities. Parents will have fun too, while having important connections with their children.

Classes include various stations for children and parents to choose from. Some focus on free exploration and imaginative play. Others will be more challenging with many opportunities for learning at multiple levels. Art is a critical component of all classes.

Parents and children will work together, going freely from station to station.

Families will also have the opportunity to discuss the future of our area. They will see our current mural with children’s art and be able to submit their own ideas and art for possible inclusion on the mural.

Join us for one or more of the upcoming activities

  • June 27th
    Magnets and Electricity
  • July 25th
    The Mysteries of Water
  • August 15th
    Insects (focusing on bees and eco-systems)

We look forward to seeing you here!