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Exhibit: Mt. Shasta History

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Beauty & Wonder – Living in the Valley of Mount Shasta

This permanent exhibit spans several eras in the history of the Mt. Shasta area from the first people to the present; featuring hands-on activities for all ages.

  • Who are the first people of the Mt. Shasta Area?
  • Shasta Shelter
  • Who were the early European settlers?
  • How many names has the town had and why?
  • How did the town grow from a stagecoach station to a very popular spot on I-5?
  • How have winter sports in the area changed over time?
  • What Was There? See old photos of Mt. Shasta City and find out what is there now.

Learn the answers to these questions and many more!

Trailer for Skizers / Shasta Stories from Autie Carlisle on Vimeo.

To watch the full episode of Skizers and more of the Shasta Stories web-series visit this page: www.autiecarlisle.com/shastastories